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We M/s Precision Graphic Engineers proudly announced that recently we have successfully installed our “EAGLE-528” 5-Colour Machine to M/s New Vision Printing & Publishing Co., Kampala, Uganda. This is In addition to already sufficient users of our EAGLE multi-colour out of which few renowned as hereunder.

1. EAGLE-430 4-Colour Size 20”X30”
M/s Armoured Corps Centre and School, AHMEDNAGAR (Mh.)
M/s The Statesman Ltd. Kolkatta.
M/s Donaldson Printers Ltd. NIGERIA
M/s Lagos State Printing Corporation, Nigeria

2. EAGLE-428 4-Colour Size 18”X28”
M/s Kumar Printers, DHANBAD
M/s Kanak Creation, Raipur
M/s Jai Chandi Flex, DHANTARI
M/s Shram Sadhna, GRALIOR
M/s Clear Impressions Limited, Kano, Nigeria
M/s Inter Quality Printers, Lagos, Nigeria
M/s Megavon Press, Lagos, Nigeria
M/s Technoprint Limited, Congo, Kinshasa

Recently we have supplied "EAGLE-528" 5-Colour machine to M/s New Vision Printing & Publishing Co. Limited, Kampala, Uganda & "EAGLE-428" & Uv Coater to M/s Yuco's Enterprises (E.A) Limited, Dar-Es-Salaam, (Tanzania)

We proudly anounced that just few months back we have supplied newly developed  "EAGLE-437" 4-Colour of Size: 24" x 37" with Motersized rugistration system and with on line UV Coating & Curing attachment, to our existing client  M/s Megavon Press, Lagos, Nigeria already using 4-Colour since last 6-Years.

Till dated 20th July, 2016. We have supplied 92 Units of Multi-colour EAGLE machines in India & 46 units exported to Nigeria, Congo, Myanmar, Kampala, Mexico